Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting the Energy out.

Aiden has energy...only in our house it is known as Energy. We even have a chant that we say: "Energy, energy, Aiden has energy!" This is because Aiden's Energy is like an entity of its own. He is up at the crack of dawn and spends his naps bouncing around his room playing--despite the fact that I've removed every toy from the room. Although the removal of toys has coincided with a burst in imaginary play. So the Energy is a constant topic of conversation in our house.

Aiden: My energy told me to wake up.

Aiden: My energy is hungry. He wants food because it's all the way empty to there (pointing at his toes).

So I try to use his energy in constructive ways by encouraging him to play in the yard and taking him on walks. Unfortunately, with a baby up in the middle of the night, mommy's energy isn't quite as abundant as Aiden's. One day I hope to keep up with him, but for now I trudge behind his Energy trying to make sure it doesn't get into too much trouble.

Thankfully one of my children is still immobile:


The Perreca Family said...

We are starting to have the same situation at our house with Alden- and Addie is starting to follow his example! I sense lots of bundling up and spending time at our local park this winter!!

The Esperats said...

I love reading what all these little ones say at this age! We need to get Anna, Eliana, Robertson, and Aiden all in a room together by themselves, with a tape recorder, and see what they come up with! They make me laugh! Jocelyn is adorable Elsie!