Thursday, February 21, 2008

Building Frustrations

Aiden is NOT known in this house for his patience. It's a minute-by-minute lesson for him some days...and a daily lesson for me as I attempt to patiently deal with the fits he throws over the smallest (in my eyes) things.

Right now he is learning to build with his blocks. It's great fun, until Aiden accidentally knocks down one of his "towers"...Then it's a full-blown fit.

Notice the green block beginning to fall. This was an accident instead of a demolition.

Now Aiden leans forward and knocks down the rest of his hard work as he proceeds to wail like a banshee.

And of course, we have to look up and see how mom is reacting. He wasn't happy to see that I was so unconcerned that I had the camera out and was snapping away.

In this picture, he is actually still voicing his extreme distress over the destruction of his building, but now that the camera is out, he's torn...Should he smile for the camera, or continue the fit so that mom is made completely aware of how upsetting the whole incident was for him?

Eventually, his love for the camera won out and he made another, bigger building and commanded me to document the builder along with the building so he could, "watch Aiden, mama".

And we're back in good spirits, for the benefit of the almighty camera.