Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Halloween Pictures--Yes, I'm aware that it's December :-)

Updating here has become difficult for a few reasons.

One. It's difficult to get good pictures of Aiden, mainly because he starts to scream, "I want to see Aiden!" as soon as he sees the camera. We're still trying to make him understand that we have to TAKE a picture before he can SEE a picture.

Two. My writing business has taken off so quickly that I find I spend all of my free time writing. And it makes blogging a little less fun because writing is now becoming "work" to me. Not a side-effect I anticipated, but I'll try to deal.

Three. I've been a little fatigued and nauseous lately...with good reason :-). For those of you who don't know already, we are expecting July 8, 2009. 7-8-09...Cool date, huh? Not that very many women ever actually hit the due date, but at least it's easy to remember. A good thing for me and my pregnancy brain (yes, I've been finding frozen stuff in the fridge, refrigerated items in the pantry...pregnancy brain is for real, because that's not a problem I usually have).

Those are my excuses. Take them or leave them. I do have his Halloween pictures up. I was chastised by Mike's cousin's wife at Thankgiving for not bringing pictures of him dressed up for Halloween with me to Thanksgiving. But really, who prints out paper pictures anymore? Not me. I haven't printed out paper copies since he was about 1 and a half. Does anyone else find that the digital cameras have left you with loads of DVDs full of pictures, but no hard copies? Or maybe I'm the only one...Well...these are the best that I could find of my little Thomas train. As you can see, he wasn't really posing--He was too busy saying "I want to GO trick or treat!" Geez mom...who wants to take pictures when there's candy to be had?