Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Buckeyes are out

Fall in our house means football season. We're slowly indoctrinating our kids. At this point Aiden refers to our team (either the Ohio State Buckeyes or the Washington Redskins) as the good guys and the other team as the bad guys (and Michigan is a bad word).

In fact, since we've been watching football I noticed that he was pushing kids on the soccer field from behind if they had the ball. I wasn't sure where he got it from until we were watching football this weekend and he said he's not allowed to tackle people. Suddenly I put two and two together. He's been watching football and thinks that's how he's supposed to play soccer. Oops. We quickly explained that in the sport of football there is tackling, while in soccer you're not allowed to tackle.

Mike also took the opportunity to ask Aiden if he wants to play football. He said yes--making Daddy proud...but my guess is that once he's on the receiving end of a tackle he'll have a different opinion. But I've been wrong before. We'll see.

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The Esperats said...

Mama's don't get to be in pics with their baby's enough... atleast in our house, we have many, many more pics of daddy with the boys. :) i love the one of you and Jocelyn! What a hilarious story about Aiden! I think of you all whenever I see anything about an Ohio game. :)