Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fire Trucks!

In an attempt to wear Aiden out in an educational, family-oriented way, we've tried to find ourselves some interesting things to do around town. Most recently we were told of a fireman's parade that was being held--so we went. It was cool except for the fact that the parade consisted of fire trucks driving by slowly with sirens blaring--all of them. Jocelyn cried despite my attempts to keep her ears plugged and I'm half-deaf these days after that.

That's what happens when men plan things. I'm sure some guy thought it'd be so cool to have every firetruck drive by with the siren on, but there were no moms around to point out the danger of having such high-decibel noise around young children's ears. Ha ha ha--boys never grow up do they? It was fun though once the sirens went off.

They gave the kids a chance to climb on the trucks and learn about how fires are fought. Aiden loved sitting in the driver's seat, but he was all business once he was up there--he was so nervous.

Note that the balloon accompanied him into the truck. He loves balloons. Unfortunately he lost this one because he couldn't control the balloon in the car and kept bopping the driver (aka Daddy) in the head with it. So this balloon saw a quick demise.

It was a lot of fun seeing the trucks up close. I'm so thankful for the men and women who selflessly serve our community. And of course it's fun being able to take Aiden to small events like this and see his eyes light up with excitement. The joys of parenthood!

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The Perreca Family said...

SO cool!! My kids would have loved this, too!