Thursday, December 18, 2008

Really, really sick

Aiden has a cough that is interrupting his sleep. Pregnant mommy needs her you can see, we have diverging interests in our house.

Two nights ago Aiden's cough was hurting him. He would be fine while I was in the room with him rubbing his back, but not so fine if I tried to leave to go to my own bed. Since he's in a toddler bed, crawling in with him was not an option. So I came up with the bright idea of taking him down with me to the guest room (didn't want to wake up daddy). At first it worked well. The crying stopped and he seemed like he was drifting off. But then pregnant mommy had to pee, which meant disturbing sleeping Aiden. That was the end of the sleep. Next it was "What that noise?" (it was the vents in the room, which are closed and whistle with the heat), then it was "I hear Casey!" (our large cat who has a growth over his nose and breathes like Darth Vader).

2.5 hours later Aiden was wide awake and enjoying hanging out with mommy, but showing no interest in sleep, so I had to take him back to his room. He was NOT happy, but he did eventually fall asleep in his own bed. The next morning he informed me, "I going to sleep with you again in THAT room". And here's the part I never, ever should have said...I replied, "No, that's only for when you're really, really sick and can't sleep." For two days now he's been saying, "I going to be really sick tonight". Of course you are...

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The Perreca Family said...

Ah..... I've fallen prey to this exact con before!!