Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Away in a Manger

There are some obvious signs around our house that a child lives here. After specific instructions that he was not to play with the manger pieces, this is what I found:

There have also been joyous refrains of "Happy Birthday to Jesus" echoing through the halls, so maybe he's picking up something of the reason for the season :-).


The Wellingtons said...

This cracks me up! Only a true BOY would turn the manger scene into a lethal jungle fight! :) HaHa!

Leslie said...

That is so funny! The other day I had to say multiple times, "Don't throw baby Jesus and the wisemen." Poor baby Jesus :)

The Perreca Family said...

Hilarious!! I think he may be onto something- I think his version may be closer to the acutal one- rather chaotic!! I do have to admit- this year, I put my nativity up where the kids can't get to it. I did put their Little People Nativity proudly on display on a shelf they can reach. You never know who you'll find worshiping Jesus- today it's the mechanic, Santa, Noah, Monkey, and a Bus Driver. I love it!