Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Potty Pooper!

That's right folks...after 12 repeat episodes of "Aiden have to poo-poo" and mommy drops everything to run to the bathroom w/ Aiden only to be rewarded by being told "Aiden poo-poo all gone". At which point mommy replies, "o.k. you tell me when you feel like you have to go again and we'll try then". And yes, we must have repeated that 12 times today. Some of the episodes were mere minutes apart. We read books, mommy gave him "privacy," mommy sat on the floor with him. Mommy tried everything in a desperate attempt to get him to go. Just as mommy was leaning her head on the door of the bathroom in defeat and thinking "I'm giving this two weeks, and if it still doesn't work, we're giving up for awhile" Aiden did it. Yay!!! And yes, we took him swimming as a reward. I'm not about to say that he's arrived, but I think we're getting awfully close.

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the perreca clan said...

Yay!!!! We are potty training at the moment, too, and we celebrate those moments too!!