Sunday, April 13, 2008

My flexible boy

Aiden is no longer a baby. A few weeks ago, when we lost Chase, this became all too apparent to me. We shipped Aiden from person to person, and thankfully had some friends from our church who live nearby who were more than willing to keep him on a moments notice. And after a trip to the ER, and then my water breaking and a trip to my OB, they proved that they really mean a "moments notice".

In all of the tumult, Aiden never complained. We had friends from our home group putting him down at night and staying with him. He spent another night with my mom. And a couple of his days were spent with his friend "Baby Alex". Baby Alex's parents were the ones who were so kind about taking Aiden in on a moments notice.

Most kids would've had a rough time with so much upheaval. Especially kids that are used to a stay-at-home mom who has always been around. I think the most I've ever been away from him before this was a night that we left him at my mom's last year. Not Aiden though, he was just thrilled to be playing with his "friends".

I'm thankful. I think the ordeal of losing one son would have been so much worse if I'd been worried about my firstborn son.

Today he showed one of the first signs of clinginess when he wouldn't let me put him in the nursery at church. I think it's a result of the tumultuous 3 weeks we've had. Instead of going to nursery, he chose to sit quietly on my lap throughout our entire service. I couldn't believe how well-behaved he was. In some ways, I'm glad he's growing up and I'm excited to see what his 3rd year of life will bring, but I'm sad to see this first stage end.


the perreca clan said...

What a blessing! He is such an amazing little boy! I wish I could have been there to have him come over and play. He can- I just don't know if you want the commute to drop him off...

Elsie Hall said...

The commute would have been worth it :-). He was in great hands though. We miss having you nearby!

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