Wednesday, June 10, 2009

4 years with Aiden: The third year

After two years of colic, the terrible two's weren't terrible at all. Oh, we had our moments, but it was nice to finally know why he was screaming :-)

We had a busy year! We kicked off our summer with Aiden's birthday:

Then we took off for the beach:

And as if that wasn't enough excitement for one summer, we moved to our current home that year just weeks after returning from vacation! Aiden spent the rest of the summer helping us nest in our new home:

We also added in a trip to Ohio that summer. We were all very busy. Maybe that's why the two's weren't so terrible--there was no time for that! I think all in all, once my busy little guy had hit his big milestones the crying diminished. Today we have a helpful, cheerful, silly boy who loves life...But then, that's all part of the fourth year.

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The Perreca Family said...

Ahhhh- I remember what a passy-lover he was! Alden is the exact same way....