Thursday, May 21, 2009

Glimpses of May....

The conversation started simply enough. I was in the bathroom when I heard Aiden say: "I'm going to color my knee!" to which I replied "No! Don't color your knee!" Aiden replied "I didn't!" so emphatically that I believed him. I suppose the shin has more coloring than the knee--but yes, I went ahead and sent him off to school looking like this. Why not?

Aiden's birthday presents from Grammy and Grandpa were a hit! (ball, bat, and glove)

Aiden attempted swinging on his own...we'll have to work on that :-)

With a little help from Daddy, Aiden was able to hit the ball. He cracked up every time the ball and bat connected...I guess we're going to have to work on the "running the bases" concept. Otherwise he'll be standing there laughing like a banshee over his success while the first baseman tags him out.

We went to a local farm to pick strawberries and had the priviledge of seeing brand new (only hours old) baby sheep--how do we know this? Momma's afterbirth was still hanging out. on the farm. It was really symbolic since this was Mother's Day weekend. I think momma sheep and her babies were the highlight of my trip!

Aiden's favorite part was the tractor train. This is the only time we could really get him to look at us, the rest of the time he was intent on steering--and I was surprised to see that he was actually steering the right way and not just willy-nilly. I guess the tractor rides on daddy's lap have really paid off. He'll be driving before I know it...but I mean that hypothetically...hopefully he won't really be driving without me knowing. Yikes!

And of course there was the strawberry picking! Yum!

Aiden and Grammy riding in another tractor. Momma decided to skip this ride so that Aiden's sister wouldn't get shaken baby syndrome in-utero! Notice that he has perfected the Cinderella wave...

And this picture just cracks me up!

Aiden and Daddy's nightly ritual:

And I had to include a picture of him being the ham that he is:

Hope you enjoyed...His 4th birthday is coming this weekend so there should be more pictures coming soon...(unless momma goes into labor early)...


The Perreca Family said...

Awesome pics!! Aiden is such a cutie pie- don't tell him I said that- tell him I think he's super macho!!

The Wellingtons said...

So many great pictures! I can't believe you almost have a 4 year old! :)