Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sugar Momma

Well, my writing so far has earned me 16 cents. It's not much, but it's more than I've ever been paid to write before, so I'll take it. And as more people stumble across my articles, I earn more pennies. Hey, a penny saved is a penny earned, so it's exciting for me.

There will be more to follow on's just that I've, um, lost my camera. Sort of. I left it at my friend's house 2.5 hours away. She's going to send it to me when she gets a chance, but she's a first year doctor, so I have a feeling it'll be awhile. I have a backup around here somewhere, but I haven't really searched for it yet. Instead I've been grabbing my camcorder, and video clips are much more involved when it comes to uploading them to the computer. So yes. It boils down to me being lazy.

However, Aiden has learned to actually ride his tricycle (as opposed to pushing it) and now loves to ride down the street on his own. His favorite thing is to come to the crest of a hill, pedal as fast as he can and then lift his feet into the air and let his bike careen down the hill. Unfortunately he wobbles his handlebars back and forth as he does this (because he's so excited) and has come close to taking a good tumble a few times (Yes, my child can flip a's that for talent?). Thankfully, I've been jogging within arms reach both times it's happened, but let's face it. I won't be jogging within arms reach of him forever...Maybe it's time to invest in that safety helmet my pediatrician recommended. She said he wouldn't need it yet, she just thought it'd be a good idea to get him used to it, I'm thinking there may be a real need for it...And kneepads and elbow pads...hmmm, can I just strap a pillow to him or is that overkill?

And it isn't so much that I'm afraid of him getting hurt, I mean, of course I'm concerned about that, but the bigger concern is that he'll skin his knee and we'll be hearing about it for the next month. About two weeks ago now he stubbed his toe on the pavement and took off a nice layer of skin. It has pretty much healed over, but any time he wakes up, takes a bath, goes swimming, or breathes, he reminds me of his "owie". I suppose turnabout is fair play as I remember my parents telling me to stop whining about my aches and pains when I was a kid, but seriously...The kid comes up with owies that are invisible to the naked eye. And then he wants a Popsicle to make it feel better. I'm not against giving him a Popsicle for a mouth wound (it's a great way to ice that down), but for the hangnail on his index finger? Really? C'mon Aiden! So if he were to fall off of that tricycle and skin his knee, I have a feeling I'd have to buy the kid an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen in order to get over that "owie". That's why I'm considering ways to strap pillows to him...It's purely for my own survival, not his.


Perreca Family said...

I think Addie and Aiden are cut out of the same cloth!! She does the exact same thing when it comes to boo-boo's. Right now she is wearing a band-aid on a 3 week-old skinned knee that has totally healed, but she won't admit it. She cries every time we pull down her pants to go potty, she cried about her boo-boo hurting when it's time to eat veggies, she cries anytime she remembers that she has a boo-boo, etc. So cute and so frustrating all at the same time! So, with that said, I fully concure that wrapping Aiden in pillows is an excellent idea- for your sanity if for anything!!

Anna Childress said...

I just read your articles. So neat to see how your gifts are ministering to others. Great job!