Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Hospital Bill

So I did call and argue the invisible IVs that I was given. I was told that my account would be put in "dispute" and I could call back in 30 days to find out what they decided. Yeah, right. At that point I was thinking that I wouldn't be getting any kind of news about the account and it made me mad because how was I going to prove that I never received an IV?

Two weeks after my complaint I got a call from the hospital. Yes, they called me! And they had looked at my paperwork and saw that I hadn't had an IV. Yay! So they were removing those charges from the bill. I was shocked that it was actually that easy, but it was.

I didn't bother arguing the pregnancy test. I figured they'd just tell me that they had given me one so they needed to charge for it...although the stupidity of giving someone who is visibly pregnant a pregnancy And $60 for a pregnancy test? Maybe next time I'll bring them one of my internet cheapies from home and let them use that. They obviously don't know how to shop for good deals on pregnancy tests.

Ahh, the craziness that is our health care system.

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3BoyMommy said...

Tell me about it. I think a dose of Tylenol runs you upwards of 10 bucks or something. I did NOT get an itemized bill for Blake's birth, and I shudder to think what all we got ripped off on. I hate dealing with that kind of stuff. Great that they took that off for you!