Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Aiden's new snack

For a few days now I've noticed Aiden chewing on something. I didn't know what it was, but I didn't check it out either because with the potty training comes treats. Aiden does tend to savor his treats by letting them melt in his mouth.

Yesterday he was sitting on my lap chewing. It occured to me that if he was still eating a treat, he had really made that sucker last. I asked him to open his mouth and I saw something whitish in there. Did I think something was askew at this point? Of course not, I figured he had a nougat (all of the treats are chocolate) of some sort. Then I caught a whiff of his minty-fresh breath. Hmmmm...Just as I did that, he swallowed and announced "all gone, Aiden go get more". This is the point that I realized he had somehow helped himself to my Extra peppermint gum.

So I had my unwitting child (he's going to catch onto this soon enough) lead me to his stash. And there it was, a half-eaten stick in the playroom and another 3 sticks lying in wait on my Bible which was by our stairs.

I called Mike to tell him, because of course it was hilarious that he's been walking around snacking on gum lately. That's when Mike told me that he'd seen him chewing and chewing on something white last week.

Little stinker!


The Wellingtons said...

so puppies aren't the only stinkers who like to find things to chew on! i don't know how you resist those beautiful "innocent" eyes of his! :)

Perreca Family said...

How funny! I especially like how he took you to his "stash." At least it was gum- I can think of lots of other things that I won't mention that I've found in Addie's mouth....

Anna Childress said...

Funny! I used to swallow my gum and my mom would say, "It's going to make your tummy stick together." You could try that! :-)