Saturday, February 2, 2008

The "Blue One" Room

Well, we spent the better part of our Saturday painting ("pinking" in Aiden-speak) Aiden's room. The color choice was easy when you consider Aiden's obsession with anything blue.

Aiden was very excited that we were going to "pink" his room. I didn't realize why he was so excited until we got ready to paint and he tried to dive in and "holp", or help. When we gently informed him that his role would be as a spectator, he wasn't as thrilled about the painting.

Everyone is thrilled about the end result. Aiden loves his blue room...let's just hope he sleeps tonight!

Here's the before:

Here's the end result:

Aiden watching Daddy replace the outlet covers:

And the little ham, posing for the camera:


The Wellingtons said...
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The Wellingtons said...

that looks like a fun blue! :) I'm sure he loves it! One day he'll grow up and realize that painting is really a big pain in the butt!

Glad you liked the potato skins! I made them again for the superbowl too but forgot to salt them before i put them in the oven... they needed that.. .but they're still yummy!

The Perreca Clan said...

What a great room- both the color and the little "model"!

Nonnie said...

Wow blue, who would of guessed? Looks great! :-) I think Aiden loves it. Good Job Daddy and Mommy!!

Melanie said...

LOVE it!!! You guys did a GREAT job!!